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Film Slides and Photos Transferred

We will transfer your home movie film to Digital and/or DVD for convenient viewing anytime.

Video tape collectionWe transfer/convert/duplicate:

  • 8mm & Super 8mm film
  • 16mm film
  • Photos & Slides
  • Duplication & Editing Services
  • Audio Production and CD copies
  • Digital Editing Services
  • Video Duplication

We answer your questions

  • How long does it take?
    We do all transfers, conversions and duplication in our in-house studio. The time involved depends on how large the order is. This can vary from same day service to a week or more, depending on the service requested and the size of the order.
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  • span class="emphSmall"> Do you return my originals?
    Yes, all transfers are digital so you get your original film, photos or video back in its original condition.
  • How many feet of film will fit on a DVD?
    You can put approximately 2000 feet of film on a 2 hour DVD.

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